P.B. McNAUGHTON ex W.S. CARKIN wooden canal tug (C 134516 ex U 81198).

1918-1921. Original: 63.87 tons gross and 31.94 tons net, 77.2’. By 1918: 6 tons gross, 30 tons net, 66’. Built by C. Stickney at East Saginaw Michigan in 1888. Crew of three. Compound engine 10 indicated horsepower, 11 rated horsepower. 1919 value $9,187.50. 1920 value $8,268.75. The first owners of W.S. CARKIN were Carkin, Stickney and Cram of Saginaw. She was renamed in 1896 after her new owner Pliny B. McNaughton who still owned her in 1903. She lost a scow on 1 July 1907 when it was rammed by another vessel. She was transferred to Canadian registry in 1916 by her new owner C.E. Millard of Sarnia Ontario and collided with a barge in the Bay of Quinte 1/4 of a mile east of the Murray Canal entrance on 7 November 1916 while on passage from Port Dalhousie to Kingston. Damage was slight.

Montreal Transportation Co. bought her in 1918 for $10,500. They sold her to the Harrigan Tug Line in 1921 as part of a package with ALERT and ESCORT for $15,000. Harrigan renamed her JOSEPH H. in 1922. She was one of two small tugs wrecked on 5 December 1924 near Port Colborne when they were pushed against a reef by the bulk carrier MIDLAND PRINCE (C 116669, 6,636 tons gross). The other tug crushed was HOME RULE that was formerly owned by Canadian Northwest Steamships.

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