Tiller Wreck

Site Description

  • Brig
  • 164ffw 54m
  • 114ft Length
  • Lake Erie
  • 42 28.855 79 51.843

  • 1847-49 Enrolled Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1848 Ran from Pt.Clinton, Ohio
  • 1849, May 14 Owned C.C. Butts, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1849, July 14 Owned L.M. Brown, Cleveland 
  • 1849, October 23 Sank after collision with CATARACT

Oxford rests on a mud bottom with her masts reasonably intact.  Her large tiller is another prominent feature of the wreck and before her identity was known she was called the Tiller Wreck. Although there is no crow’s nest, she was also referred to as the Crows Nest, probably due to the crosstree on her forward mast.  Owing in part to her depth, the ship is remarkably preserved.  While there is damage at the starboard bow from the collision that sunk her, her two large anchors sit prominently on the bow.  Moving to toward the stern, her windlass, bilge pumps, offset centerboard, and rigging winch are sitting in place, ready for use, as though she might one day sail again.

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