Table of Contents
  • Schooner
  • 25ffw 8m
  • 101ft Length
  • Point Pelee
  • 41 52.02482 28.689

Chronological History #

  • 1853 Enrolled at Toledo
  • 1860 Owned A.W. Wright, Saginaw, Michigan
  • 1860, October 23 or 24 Struck wreck of steamer M.T.VERNON near Point 
  • Pelee, Lake Huron; sank

Crew ashore in small boat

Selection of News Articles for more #

SCOW SUNK – By a telegraph from Detroit, we learn that the scow OTTOCA, struck the wreck of the propeller MOUNT VERNON, near Point au Pelee, and sunk in five fathoms of water. 
      Buffalo Daily Republic 
      Friday, October 26, 1860 

      . . . . . 

      WRECK OF THE MOUNT VERNON – The Detroit Advertiser says the hull of the exploded propeller MOUNT VERNON lies S. 3/4 W. three-fourths of a mile from the “Dummy,” or mainland, Point au Pelee Light, and is marked by a buoy. This we are credibly informed by the man at the wheel of the scow OTTOCA, but all the other men being below, for some reason he did not pay proper heed to it. 
      Buffalo Daily Republic 
      Monday, October 29, 1860 

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