Dimensions: 358x44x23 4244GT 2340 NT  
Type of Wreck: Freighter
Location of Wreck: Consecon, Lake Ontario, Location “Closehold”
Place and Builder: Globe Iron Works, Cleveland hull# 50    
Year Built: 1894

She caught fire and was heavily damaged. Lay dockside for 6 years waiting for repair, but the $250,000 cost estimate could not be raised. In 1917 she was cut in half to be towed away for rebuilding for Atlantic service. Bow half sank in a storm near Consecon, Ont., Lake Ontario, on Nov 28, 1918, with the loss of two of the 11 men aboard. They died of exposure in her life raft. Stern became part of steamer MAPLECOURT, which was sunk in WWII.

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