Dimensions: 98ft x 24ft x 7ft 149GT 97NT  
Type of Wreck: Propeller
Location of Wreck: Pryner’s cove

Mills Record 6 of 11 #

Original Vessel Data
Name: [ Norman ] Mills Number: [ 040010 ] Propulsion: [ Screw Propeller ] Official Number: [80871 ] Dimensions: [ 98x 24 – 150 tons ] Built in: [ Opinicon Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1872 ]
Closing Information
Date Closed: [1883/11 ] Reason Closed: [ Burnt ] Where Closed: [ Prinyer, Ontario, Canada ]
.Norman; 98x24x7 Owned by I. Goodearl et al., Kingston 1877; to D. W. Allison, Adolphustown 1880; to T. Hicks, Prince Edward County, Ont. 1882. Built by Fraser & George, Opinicon Lake 1872. Rebuilt by Kingston Marine Railway 1880. Engine 12×14 by D. McEwen, Kingston. Steam barge. Damaged by fire 27/09/78 Oswego, New York., laid up until 1880 rebuilding. Destroyed by fire 30/11/83 Prinyer’s dock, Macdonald’s Cove, Prince Edward County, Ont.

NORMAN (1872, Steambarge) #

Year of Build: 1872

Official Number: 80871 CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Opinicon Lake, Storrington twp, ONT Vessel Type: Steambarge Note: Sloop rigged. Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: Frederick J. George Master Carpenter: William Ainsley Original Owner: Fraser & George Co. Ownership Notes: John Fraser & Frederick Joseph George. POWER Number of Masts: 1 Propulsion: Screw DIMENSIONS Length: 100′ Beam: 23′ Depth: 7′ Tonnage (old style): 169 45/95 FINAL DISPOSITION Final Location: Prinyer’s Cove, Bay of Quinte. Lake Ontario. Date: 30 Nov 1883 How: Burned. Notes: Bound Cape Vincent – Picton for lay up & caught fire. HISTORY1872 –  Aug 17 Readmeasured 97.6 x 23.7 x 7.1′; 150 2593/3600 gross / 111 2893/3500 net tons. 1872, Aug 30 Registered Kingston, ONT. 1872, Sep 17 Owned Isabel Gooderal & George Creighton, Kingston. 1873, Feb 22 Andrew Shanks added to above owners. 1874 Owned Isabella Gooderal, Robert McLoud & Andrew Shanks, Kingston. 1874, Nov Aground Amherst Island, Lake Ontario. 1875 Ran freight, Bay of Quinte & St. Lawrence River. 1878 Readmeasured 153.34 gross / 95.98 net tons. 1880 Owned Rathbun Co, Desaranto, ONT; burned at Oswego; repaired. 1881, Oct Aground South Manitou Island, Lake Michigan. 1883, Nov 30 Burned Lake Ontario.

Item: 54729: NORMAN #

Name of Ship: NORMAN

Year of Registration: 1881

Type of Ship: Wooden Screw Steamer

Port of Registry: Kingston, Ontario

Where Built: Opinicon Lake, Ontario


  • Burned on November 30, 1883 and was a total loss
  • Registry closed December 29, 1883

Official Number: 80871 Reference: 1444|42 Volume: 1444

Other Reference:

Old VolumePagesMicrofilm Reel #See Volume No.

Item Number:54729

Picton Report Marine Record Dec. 6, 1883 #

Picton, Ont., Dec.1 – The steam barge NORMAN was burned in Pryner’s Cove last Friday. The Captain and crew arrived here this morning by the steamer UTICA. The NORMAN left Capt Vincent light for the Bay to lay up, arrived at Pryner’s Cove and stopped to take on some wood, but could not get to the deck owing to the steamer UTICA being in the way. All hands had been up all the previous night. The captain decided to make fast to the bank till morning.

The fire broke out about 11 p.m. while the crew was all asleep. When awakened by the fire they had just time to save themselves by jumping overboard. The crew lost all their clothing. The captain lost $100 in cash, his watch, and all his clothes.

The NORMAN was built on the Rideau Canal eleven years ago, was burned in Oswego in 1880, her hull towed to Kingston and rebuilt. She classed A 2., was valued at $4,000, and insured for $4,000 against fire. She was owned by Hazelton Hicks and sailed by Captain Collins. The fire is supposed to have originated around the boilers. –

Marine Record Dec. 6, 1883 #

The burning of the Canadian steam barge NORMAN wipes out the last of the NORMAN Line from the lakes. The schooner NORMAN went ashore on Hogg Island Reef, and the American steambarge NORMAN went to pieces at Pentwater.      

Department of Marine & Fisheries Statement of Wreck & Casualty for 1883 #

NORMAN Steamer of 95 Reg. tons, and 11 years old, bound from Kingston to Picton, burned in Pryner Cove, Bay of Quinte Nov. 30, 1883. A total loss. Cause unknown. Valued at $5,000.      

Marine Record, December 27, 1883 #

NORMAN Stmr. 135 tons. 11 years of age. a total loss on Lake Ontario. 1883. Value $5,000.       Lost Tonnage on the Lakes in 1883      

Inland Lloyds Vessel Register #

NORMAN Propeller of 156 Tons (new tonnage). Built 1872 at Opinicon by Wm. Ainsley. Owned by Rathbun & Co. Home port, Kingston. Valued at $7,000 Class A 2-1/2. REMARKS- Steam barge – Flat – River and Bays only – repaired 1880.      

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada, on December 31, 1874 #

1882 – Steam barge [screw] NORMAN. [No Number] Of 151 tons gross; 112 tons reg. Built Opinicon Lake, Frontenac Co., Ont., 1872. 97.6 x 23.7 x 7.1. Owned by R. McLoud, Kingston, ON   

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