NAPOLEON (1833, Schooner)

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C. Patrick Labadie #

NAPOLEON (1833, Schooner)
Vessel Type: Schooner
Hull Materials: Wood
Number of Decks: 1
Original Owner and Location: T.S. Hall, Sackett’s Harbor, NY.
Number of Masts: 2
DIMENSIONS Tonnage (old style): 92Final Location: Galloo Island. Lake Ontario. Aug 1835 Sank.
Crew rescued by steamboat OSWEGO.

1833, May 4 Enrolled Sackett’s Harbor, NY.

1834 Ran Detroit – Ohio ports.

1835, Aug Sank, Lake Ontario.

Oswego Palladium Cleveland Weekly Advertiser Thursday, September 3, 1835, p.3 col.1  #

Oswego, N. Y. Aug. 26. Gales On The Lakes. — This has been the most extraordinary summer experienced for many years and is thought by our old citizens to be the coldest since the well-remembered summer of 1816. The late gale has been disastrous to a degree unparalleled on lake Ontario. Two or three vessels have been lost, and it is reported as many lives. Among those known to be lost, are the Schooner NAPOLEON, of Sacket’s Harbor, and the British Schooner MARGARET, of Kingston. The crew of the former had abandoned her just before she sunk, and taken to the boat. They were rescued from their perilous situation by the Steam-boat OSWEGO, Capt. Homans, who very humanely brought his vessel to, under Stoney Island until one of the unfortunate crew of the NAPOLEON, who had his arm broken, could be provided for. 
      The Vice President and Mr. Comptroller Flagg were on board the steamboat UNITED STATES proceeding from Sacket’s to Oswego and were out in undoubtedly bad weather as was ever experienced in summer on our Lake. —       . . . . . 


NOTICE.–All accounts or demands against the following Boats and Vessels, must be sent in to the office of the subscribers by the 15th proximo, or they will not be paid this season, viz:

Steamboats Michigan and Victory;

Schooners Michigan, J.A. Barker, Merchant, Gazelle, Austerlitz, Napoleon, Marengo, La Grange, Marshal Ney, Lodi, Lascelle, Gen. Harrison and Commerce.


October 28.

SHIPWRECK. – Sacket’s Harbor – The schooner Napoleon, R. Hollister, master, owned by Thomas S. Hall & co. of this village, was lost on Saturday last, at 12 o’clock, A.M., off the head of Stony Island. The Napoleon was heavily laden with large stones for the Oswego pier and from the heavy sea which was then running, the master thought proper to put back under the lea of the island; and while the vessel was wearing round, she was struck by a heavy sea, which entirely shifted her deck load (consisting of 16 large stone of from 2 to 4 tons each) to leeward.

She continued to drive on towards shore, and every exertion was made by the master and crew to throw overboard some of the stone, but their great weight and the position in which they lay across the stanchions, prevented this. The vessel resisted for some time, but it is supposed that some of the stones shifted in the hold, and she went down immediately in 30 fathoms of water, nearly carrying the boat and crew with her. The boat and crew were picked up by the steamboat Oswego, which towed under the lea of Stony Island. – Vessel estimated to be worn $4,000. – No insurance. – Sacket’s Harbor Courier

      . . . . . 

Buffalo Daily Star – Friday, August 28, 1835  #

      CATASTROPHE ON LAKE ONTARIO. – In the storm of the 21st. Inst., the schooner NAPOLEON, of Sackett’s Harbor, and MARGARET, of Canada, were lost — near the Galloo Islands. The crew of the NAPOLEON, (which vessel sunk in twenty fathoms water) were rescued by a boat from the steamboat OSWEGO — but three of the MARGARET’s crew perished. 

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