MORNING STAR (1868, Schooner) IDENTIFICATION Year of Build: 1868 Official Number: 71208 CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Marysburg, ONT Vessel Type: Schooner Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: John Tait Original Owner: Micheal Keagh POWER Number of Masts: 2 DIMENSIONS Length: 69′ Beam: 19′ Depth: 6.5′ Tonnage (gross): 64 FINAL DISPOSITION Final Location: 7 miles east of Oswego, NY. Lake Ontario. Date: 4 Oct 1880 How: Wrecked. Final Cargo: 8600 bushels barley. Notes: Bound Gananoque, ONT – Oswego, NY, wrecked in a storm. 1880, Dec 31 Registry closed. HISTORY1870, Nov Bound Black Rock – Oswego, sprang leak near Picton, cargo barley. 1871 Owned McMahon, Milford, ONT. 1871, Mar 4 Owned Sam Cardwell et al. 1873, Feb 13 Owned Alfred Eccles et al, Wolf Island, ONT. 1873, Jun 18 Owned William Nickle, Kingston, ONT.

1874, Jul 1 Owned Richard H. Charles, Wolf Island.

1877, Jan 5 Owned John Gaskin, Kingston. 1878 Large repairs. 1880, Oct 4 Wrecked, Lake Ontario. 1880, December 31 Register closed

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