MONTGOMERY (1847, Schooner)
Year of Build: 1847
CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Ohio City (Cleveland), OH
Vessel Type: Schooner Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1
Builder Name: Sandford & Moses
Original Owner: D. Howe et al Ownership
Notes: D.N. Barney & Co; Reindeer Line.
POWER Number of Masts: 2
DIMENSIONS Length: 113′ 2″ Beam: 25′ 3″ Depth: 10′ 6.5″ Tonnage (old style): 248 51/95
Final Location: Near Nicholson Island, Lake Ontario Date: Nov 1856
Final Cargo: 12,000 bushels wheat.
Notes: Bound Kenosha, WI – Oswego, NY; went ashore & broke up in storm. HISTORY
1847 Enrolled Cleveland, OH; cost $9,920; Reindeer Line.
1851, Jul 18 Owned A.H. Barney & R.H. Blue, Cleveland.
1853 Enrolled Buffalo, NY.
1856, Nov Wrecked Lake Ontario; owned E.A. Bruce, Chicago, IL.
NOTES From the Collection of: C. Patrick Labadie

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