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  • Package Freighter
  • 10 – 80ffw
  • 260ft Length
  • Isle Royal, Lake Superior
  • N 48o 11.334’ W 88o 25.957’

Chronological History #

1890 Launched

1892, Aug 8 Aground in river between Fort Williams & Port Arthur.

1893, Oct 25 Broke rudder quadrant in gale on Lake Huron.

1896, Nov 27 Struck Sargent Coal Dock, Duluth, MN.

1898, Oct 4 Struck by steamer MAHONING in Duluth Harbor.

1906 Sank Isle Royal Lake Superior

1908 Machinery salvaged by Reid Wrecking Co.

Selection of Historical Articles #

June 26, 1890, the MONARCH was launched at Sarnia, Ontario. Built of white oak by John Dyble for the Northwest Transportation Company, also known as the Beatty Line, she measured 240 in length and 35 feet in beam, had 62 staterooms and cost about $200,000. The MONARCH was used for passenger and package freight mainly between Sarnia, Port Arthur and Fort William with her sister ship the UNITED EMPIRE.

On December 6, 1906, the MONARCH cleared Port Arthur on her final trip of the season. She sailed through a blinding snowstorm and at 9 pm she struck Isle Royale’s

Blake Point. One of the crew was knocked overboard and drowned when a line parted. The following article from the

Buffalo Evening News of December 11th #

“Port Arthur, Ont., Dec. 11 — The steamer MONARCH of the Northern Navigation Company is a total wreck on Isle Royale, about 40 miles from here. The MONARCH left here on Thursday afternoon with a full cargo of wheat, flour and merchandise. She carried a crew of 30 men and ten passengers.

“She struck on Friday night and soon was pounded to pieces. Nothing remains above the water except the pilot house. The crew and passengers took to life boats and after a desperate struggle reached the shore of Isle Royale. Everyone was exhausted and they were without food or water.

“They succeeded in starting a bonfire which attracted the attention of the Lighthouse keeper on Passage Island, who started for Royale Island in a row boat. He was unable to land owing to the heavy surf.

“Purser Beaumont of the shipwrecked crew swam out and was picked up by the lighthouse keeper. Together they rowed back to Passage Island, which is about five miles from the scene of the wreck.

“The steamer EDMONTON was signaled and word of the disaster was brought here. The tugs WHALEN and LAURA GRAVE were at once loaded with provisions and clothing and started for the wreck early yesterday.

“So far as known there has been no loss of life, all the passengers and crew having made shore. Isle Royale is a bleak, rocky Island about 40 miles long. A heavy snow and windstorm is blowing on Lake Superior and it is feared that the survivors of the wreck must endure great hardships before assistance can reach them. “

Dive Site Info #

The MONARCH is a popular dive site in the Isle Royale National Park. She sits in 15-80 feet of water. Her sides have broken away from her bottom but her hull construction and arches provide a look into shipbuilding of the time. Also available for viewing are a few items such as her anchor, a bathtub, a stove, some china and brown bottles filled with wheat samples.

MONARCH – David Swayze #

Other names   :  none Official no.     : C96843
Type at loss    :  propeller, wood, package freight & passenger
Build info       :  1890, John Dyble, Sarnia, Ont
Specs              :  240×35,  2017 t.
Date of loss    :  1906, Dec 6
Place of loss   :  Blake Point, Isle Royale
Lake                : Superior
Type of loss    :  storm
Loss of life      :  1 of 61
Carrying         :  pass., gen merch
Detail              : Lost in blizzard, she drove her prow right up into the woods on Blake Point. After her people escaped, she began to break up, then slipped backwards into deep water, where she still lies. Owned by Beatty Line [Northern Navigation Co.]. Master: Capt. Ed. Robertson, who brought her out.

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