Site Description

  • Automobile
  • 65fw 20m
  • Miner’s Bay, Gull Lake

Type: Submerged Vehicle

Depth: To 65 feet

Description: A 1935 Hudson Terraplane that fell through the ice. There are also cavern like overhangs and interesting rock formations in the area around the car.

Access: Shore. Park right by the water immediately off the road near at the marked pin. Going 100 feet right (north) from the entry, you will find the Terraplane in 25 feet of water. It is EXTREMELY FRAGILE, so do not touch it in any way shape or form. Going left (south) to the bowl shaped bay you can find cavern like overhangs in 40 feet of water. Going straight out (west) will find you deep water. A good site for old bottles.

Visibility: 15 Feet in shallows, clears up at depth but gets dark. Perpetually cold.

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