MILWAUKEE river barge. 1872-1883.
385 tons gross, 352 tons register, 147.6’. Capacity 22,000 bushels.
Built by J.B. Auger at Montreal in 1872.
1874 rated 1 and valued at $10,500.
1878 rated 1 and valued at $6,500.
1880 valued at $3,000.
1883 value $3,000.

Striking a shoal and grounding in the Alexandria Bay New York narrows on 6 June 1876 was the first event that could be found about this barge. She had a cargo of 21,500 bushels of corn on board of which 16,000 were damaged.

She was refloated and towed to Kingston Ontario two days later by the tug LADY FRANKLIN (C 61133, 33 tons).
In 1880 she was repaired and was given new bilges.
She foundered between Main Duck Island and Galoo Island near Kingston on 10 November 1883 while on passage from Charlotte (Rochester) New York to Montreal with a cargo of 550 tons of coal.
She and the Montreal Transportation Co. barge SENATOR were being towed by the Montreal Transportation Co. tug DAVID G. THOMSON at the time.
Reports vary, but between four and seven lives were lost.

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