Mille Roche Power House

Sketch done by Mr. Nick Baets
  • Power House
  • 35 – 75 ffw
  • Lost Villages
  • N 45 01.300 W 74 49.860

The site is divided into three levels roughly at 35, 55 and 75 feet of depth, depending on the level of Lake St. Lawrence. There are far more bricks strewn about the site that what is represented in the drawing but most of the large equipment is easily accessible. A favorite spot is inside the wheel pit on the left, once inside the diver is treated to the inside view of the headgate. The winches above the headgates offer lots to see and a diver can drop down underneath the wooden walkway between the closed headgates and the trash gates which shed a unique light through the bars onto schools of bass and perch hiding inside from the current and larger predators.   

The middle level was the generating room was located and the stone arches below where the water was discharged from, is solid concrete and stone and should withstand the test time and offer visiting divers something to see of the original lost villages for many decades to come.

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