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Syracuse Herald New York 1912-10-17 #

Twenty miles out in Lake Ontario, the steamer Nicaragua sighted the Menominee and the Tug Proctor with the Barge Buckley and towed the tug and the Buckley to Cape Vincent. As the Proctor was returning to help the Menominee, it stopped to pick up Captain Derusha and his son, Elmer, who were afloat on the hatchway of the H.B.  The Proctor did not arrive in time to help the Menominee and it sank to the bottom.  Fortunately, the Proctor did rescue the crew.  The Menominee is split wide open on the bottom, dumping all her cargo of coal

      Ogdensburg, Oct. 8. – The Ogdensburg Coal & Towing Co., has sold two tugs and six barges to the Sinsennes – McNoughton Co., of Montreal. The tugs PROCTOR and MYRA and barges TWIN SISTERS, WHITBECK, MENOMINEE, STEPHENSON, CARNEY and IRELAND will be taken to Montreal by the new owners. It is said $125,000 was involved in the transaction. 
      Buffalo Daily Courier 
      October 9, 1916 
Schooner MENOMINEE. U. S. No. 91551. Of 455.89 tons gross; 433.10 tons net. Built Milwaukee, Wis., 1883. Home port, Racine, Wis. 166.2 x 33.1 x 10.0. 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1885 
Schooner MENOMINEE. Official Canada No. 138238. Built Milwaukee, Wis. 1883. Became Canadian 1917. Rebuilt Sorel, Que, 1917 [ still listed 1933] 
      Herman Runge List 

Milwaukee, Wis., April 18. — The Marinette Barge Company’s new barge MENOMINEE was successfully launched this afternoon at the Milwaukee ship-yard. She is 163 feet long, 33 feet beam, and 11½ feet hold, and has a capacity of about 600,000 feet of lumber. She will ply between Menominee and Chicago in the lumber trade. 
      J.W. Hall Great Lakes Marine Scrapbook, March/April, 1883  


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