McSourley Lake (Stonecliffe Area)

  • Wall Dive
  • 110ffw 35m
  • McSourley Lake

Site Overview

This lake is a small, scenic, deep (up to 110’), T-shaped lake with most of the shoreline characterized as ravine-like. At the access point to the lake (east arm), the ravine and the lake bed are sandy (fine white silica sand), with a maximum depth of about 50’. Most other areas of the lake (north arm and south arm) are rocky, with clifts or sloping bedrock that continue into the water and continue to bottom depths of 80 to 110’. These other arms are far more interesting areas to explore, but a boat is needed to access them. Without a boat, the best dive plan is to descend to 15’ and then swim along the sandy bottom towards the intersection of the arms (head left from the put-in). Along the way (~150 yds), the bottom becomes rocky, and the drop-off steeper. By about 200 yds, the scenery is excellent – clifts, overhangs, submerged trees. But by the time you get to this point, however, it’s probably almost time to turn around and head back to the put-in.

Complete Dive Report provided by the Deep River Dive Club

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