Dimensons 103′ x 24’6″ x 8’1  
Type of Wreck:tug
Location of Wreck:
Place and Builder:    
Year Built:

Detroit Free Press April 26, 1890 #

TUG McARTHUR BURNED. Kingston, Ont. April 25. — The tug McARTHUR owned by the Collins Bay Rafting Co., burned to the water’s edge this morning with $25,000 worth of machinery, which she had just brought from the wreck of the steamer ARMSTRONG. W. Leslie is the principle owner. He lost $5,000 on his contract to raise the sunken ARMSTRONG. The boat is insured but the machinery not. The McARTHUR was worth between $15,000 and $18,000.

List of Canadian Merchant Steamships Inland & Coastal, 1809 to 1930 #

McARTHUR, Tug, built Portsmouth, Ont., 1877 of 169 tons gross. 103′ x 24’6″ x 8’1″ Official Canadian Number 72586. Burnt Collins Bay, Ontario May 12, 1890      

Daily British Whig, Kingston November 11, 1890 #

The wreck of the tug McARTHUR, burnt last winter, is at Davis Dry-dock, where the shaft, wheels and other machinery will be taken out. he hull will probably be transferred into a barge.      

Daily British Whig, Kingston   November 14, 1890 #

The machinery of the late tug McARTHUR was removed from the hull yesterday and taken to Collins Bay by the schooner PHILO BENNETT. The machinery will be used in the steel tug to be built by the Collins Bay Rafting Company this winter.  

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