MATILDA river barge (later probably U 50157). 1863-1866. 337.08 unit tons. 139.58’. Capacity 19,000 bushels. Built at Montreal by J.B. Auger in 1863.

One mast. Round stern. After 1866 she was 309.25 tons gross, 298.73 tons net and 141.0’ by American measurement. 1864 rated A and valued at $7,000. 1866 rated 1 and valued at $3,500.

MATILDA’s first owners were McLennan & Auger and she operated mainly on the Richelieu River, presumably in the lumber trade. She was sold American on 17 January 1866 and was removed from the Canadian register on 2 February 1866. She retained her name under the American registry but sank on 13 October 1866. She was raised and was registered in Detroit in 1871, Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1875, and East Saginaw Michigan in 1879-86, all while noted in the registers as “foreign-built”. Rigged as a schooner 1884-86. She was cut by ice on a voyage from Kelly’s Island Ohio to Saginaw and later sank in Lake Huron near Pine River on Lower Saginaw Bay on 12 January 1886. She had been carrying wine and coal.

Note that Montreal Transportation Co. owned a steam tug of the same name in 1869.

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