Buffalo Daily Courier Saturday, November 29, 1862 #

The captain of the schooner JENNY LIND reports that he saw, on Friday last, between South Bay Point and Timber Island, a vessel sunk in deep water. Her sails were set, and about 5 feet of the mast sticking out of water. The captain was unable to learn the name of the vessel. – Oswego Times, 26.

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser January 26, 1863 (Casualty List, 1862) #

Schooner MARY, cargo coal, foundered, with all on board, on Lake Ontario Nov. 1862.

NOTE. – There may be no connection between the MARY and the Courier report.

Daily British Whig (Kingston, ON), 27 Nov 1860

The schooner Mary Grover came into port from South Bay on Sunday afternoon. She lost an anchor and was obliged to run for this harbor. Capt. Wilson reports the schooner Mary of St. Catherines ashore at Timber Island, having parted her chains, and is likely to prove a total loss.

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