Site Description

  • Shore Line
  • 100ffw 30m
  • Marks Point
  • Lake Huron

Depth: to 100 feet

Attractions: A gradual sandy slope to a very deep bottom. There is also a dive park in the works, but as of 2021-05-10 only lines have been set up. This is a very good training site for cold water deep dives. There is a fairly shallow area before the slope down. Since the slope is sandy, it’s also fairly difficult to stir up.

Access: Shore. Parking is right next to the entry at the end of Concession Rd 21 W. From there, just walk into the water down the path. To get to the deep part, swim out from shore to the slope

Visibility: 50 feet. A sandy bottom makes it difficult to stir up. Same body of water as Tobermory.

  • Pick up after yourselves and others if need be
  • Take only pictures, memories, and trash off the bottom
  • Many shore dive sites are busiest on weekends so plan ahead
  • Remember you’re the ambassador for the sport when approached by onlookers and locals. Paying attention and being polite can lead to other opportunities and locations.
  • Have fun and lots of it after all that’s why you are there just like underwater beware of others around you for both positive and negative experiences
  • If you’re the guy with the camera, video, or go pro, take a minute to show those outside your group what’s underneath.

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