Marine Museum Barge
  • N44 13.429 W76 28.905


From the West Street Route head east along the wall towards the Marine Railroad (caution sewer overflow area). The Railroad is on the east side of the caved in Wharf, a line extends southeast to the corner of Pier.
From there the line reroutes in two direction east to the Anchors and Southeast towards the barge. There will be a line of scattered tires, bottles, broken toilets and shipbuilding parts. The bottom is very silty and a silt out will cause zero vis in seconds. If this happens raise a couple of feet out of the clouds and wait a few seconds as the slight current will dissipate it for you.

Passing the first wreck onto the barge itself you can see the scow build, previous divers have left bottles and findings at the bow for all to enjoy, fish, mud puppies are more visible at night. During the summer months this is a high traffic area and caution to be used when surfacing from shore.

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