Dimensions: 65.0 x 14.0 x 7.0  34.75 GT 17.37 NT
Type of Wreck: Tug
Location of Wreck:
Place and Builder: Oswego George Goble
Year Built: 1881

Oswego Palladium       Friday, April 29, 1881 #

Along the Docks. The steamer KINGSFORD, lumber laden, which arrived this morning with the schooner DELAWARE in tow from Brockville, ran ashore at 12 o’clock Wednesday at Johnson’s Light, off Thousand Island Park. The DELAWARE was brought alongside and the KINGSFORD’s deck load was put on the DELAWARE.

The KINGSFORD backed uninjured at noon Thursday. Capt. J. Redford’s new tug, the ELIZA J. REDFORD, was successfully launched at 6 P.M. yesterday. The REDFORD is 65 feet overall, 14 1/12 feet beam with the depth of hold 7 feet 9 inches. She is a fine-looking boat, of the best timber, well ironed.  Brow’ Morgan was the boss-carpenter. She will have Melvin’s boiler, engine and machinery put in her immediately and will be ready for business in about two weeks. She will class A 1.      

1881 – May 4 Launched.
1881 – Jun 16 Enrolled Oswego, NY.
1892 or 1893 Burned.
1894 – May 20 Enrollment surrendered, Oswego, “wrecked – documents lost”.      

Oswego Palladium Thursday, May 5, 1881 #

Along the Docks.       Capt. Timothy Donovan’s new tug, the M.J. CUMMINGS, was successfully and handsomely launched at 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the presence of a large crowd of persons, all of whom seemed to have the same wish to express – that the CUMMINGS may be as successful as the worthy gentleman whose name she bears.      

The CUMMINGS is a handsome boat, built by the same man, ‘Brow’ Morgan, after the same model and is of the same dimensions as the ELIZA J. REDFORD, launched last week. Her dimensions are 65 feet over all; 14 feet 6 inches beam; 7 feet 9 inches depth of hold. she will be ready for business in about two weeks.      

Cleveland Herald Wednesday, May 11, 1881 #

  Captain Timothy Donovan’s new tug M. J. CUMMINGS was launched at Oswego on Wednesday. She is 65 feet overall, 14 feet 6 inches beam and 7 feet 9 inches depth of hold.      

Merchant Vessel List U. S., 1891 #

Steam screw M.J. CUMMINGS. U.S. No. 91329. Of 34.75 tons gross; 17.37 tons net. Built Oswego, N.Y., 1881. Home port, Oswego, N.Y. 5.0 x 14.0 x 7.0      

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