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  • Lothairand the Edward S. Pease
  • Colpoy’s Bay, Lake Huron


Year of Build: 1872 Official Number: 71170
Built at: St. Catharines, Ontario
POWER Propulsion: Screw
Tonnage (gross):351
Final Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada How: Burnt

Chronological History #

  • 1872 – Built by A. Simpson, St. Catharines
  • 1874 – Aground Amherst Island, Lake Ontario
  • 1877 – 130 x 23 x 12 Owned by Huron & Ontario Transportation Co.
  • 1878 – First Rebuild 130 x 24 — 413 tons
  • 1879 – Stranded Collingwood ON Lake Huron
  • 1880 – J. C. Miller, Parry Sound
  • 1891 – Badly damaged in storm Georgian Bay
  • 1893 – Burnt Windsor ON
  • 1898 – Crawford Tug Company of Wiarton Rebuilt as Barge
  • 1906 – Sold due to Bankruptcy
  • 1907 – Abandoned due to age used as breakwater to form Breakwall

History Full History in part from Postcards from the Bay #

The LOTHAIR, the smaller of the two ships, was built in 1872 at Hamilton, Ontario measuring 129 feet long and weighing 351 gross tonnes.  Originally a great lakes freighter, the Lothair served this purpose for a total of 21 years, but not without incident.  On November 2, 1874 the ship apparently ran agound at Amherst Island, Lake Ontario in bad weather, bound from Oswego, NY, for Trenton, Ont.  The damage was estimated at $1,000 (over $20 000 today).  

Undergoing a rebuild in 1877, her weight was increased to 413 gross tonnes.  Two years later, on June 3, 1879, it seems she became stranded on the breakwater at Collingwood, Ontario, bound from Chicago for that port. This time damage was estimated at $200 (about $5000 today). 

After twelve years of seemingly uneventful service, she mysteriously took on water under fair weather and became waterlogged near Tobermory, Ontario.  Her deckload of lumber and all deckhouses were washed clean off.  Were it not for her interior cargo of lumber, she would have reportedly sunk.

Subsequently, she was towed to Windsor for an estimated $1900 (about $40 000 today) in repairs, but the following January 2 (of 1893), she burned in that port.  Upon her purchase by the Crawford Tug Company of Wiarton in May of 1898 for use in the local lumber trade, the Lothair was still described as a schooner. However, at some point thereafter, she appears to have outlived her usefulness as a freighter and was converted into a barge.

Edward S. Pease #

Chronological History #

BGSU Lisiting #

Registry and Rig Information
Official Number85309
Dimensions and Tonnage
Gross Tonnage667.00
Hull MaterialWood
Vessel History
RebuildsRebuilt by Allan Brothers, Port Dalhousie, Ont., 1883 (179.42 x 26 x 11; 901 gross). Rebuilt at Bay City, MI, 1888 (168.5 x 26.33 x 11.5; 542 gross – 399 net). Dimension and tonnage change, 1889 (167.42 x 26.16 x 18.58; 721 gross – 548 net). Tonnage change, 1893 (715 gross – 442 net). Dimension & tonnage change, 1903 (167.42 x 26.16 x 10.75; 574 gross – 267 net).
HistoryAs CALIFORNIA: Stranded on St. Helena Island, Lake Michigan, while trying to make west entrance to Straits of Mackinac, in gale, October 3, 1887. Was bound from Chicago for Montreal with cargo of corn and pork, three passengers, and twenty two crew. Cabins washed off and five lives were lost.Refloated on July 20, 1888, and towed to Detroit. Cargo of corn was sold to Hiram Walker; was wet only thirteen inches deep. Vessel was then towed to Bay City, MI, for rebuilding, and was documented at Port Huron on January 31, 1889 (PE 65).
DispositionBurned at Tannery coal dock, Collingwood, Ontario, November 24, 1904. Hulk later towed to Wiarton for use as a breakwall. Lies nose to tail with LOTHAIR in Colpoy’s Bay at a site where a sawmill once stood. Placed there to keep logs in the mill pond.
Build Information
BuilderRobertson, A.M.
Place BuiltHamilton, Ontario
Date Built1873-00-00

Vessel Names #

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
PEASE, EDWARD S.1888-00-001904-00-00U.S.136025



Registration: 3/1862

Date Registered: 1862/04/10

Built At: , , 

Date of Reason Closed: 1882/11

Reason Closed: WRECKED

Place Closed: LAKE ERIE, , 

Source of Data: N.A.C., RG-42, C-1214, VOL.

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