• Barge
  • 250ffw
  • 200ft Length
  • Amherst Island, Lake Ontario
  • N 44’08.162 W76’49.615

Name of Ship: LONDONDERRY Year of Registration: 1901 Type of Ship: Steel Sailing Barge Port of Registry: Montreal, Quebec Where Built: Lèvis, Quebec Gross Tonnage:1016.88 Net Tonnage:988.75 Name changed on February 20, 1929

1920 – Owned John E. Russell, Toronto, ONT. 1921- Rebuilt as wrecking/derrick barge; 200 x 40 x 14; 1,016 gross/989 net tons. 1929 – Renamed LONDONDERRY; owned Sincennes-MacNaughton Lines, Ltd., Montreal, QUE. 1960 – Owned McAllister Towing, Ltd., Montreal. 1963 – Owned McAllister-Pyke Salvage, Ltd., Kingston, ONT. 1965 – Scuttled in the Upper Gap Location of Wreck: N 44’08.162 W76’49.615

QUEBEC (2) steel lake barge (C 111663). 1901-1920. 1,017 tons gross, 989 tons net, 206.16’. Built by Carrier-Laine Co. at Levis Quebec in 1901. Three masts. Sister to HAMILTON. 1903 value $41,500. 1906 value $40,000. 1907 value $38,000 and rated A11⁄2. 1908 value $39,000. 1910 value $38,000.  1913 value $37,000. 1914-16 value $36,000. 1914 insurance rating 95. 1917 value $70,000. 1918 value $59,500. 1919 value $49,000.

QUEBEC (2) was docked, caulked, and chartered to the Pentecost Lumber Co. in 1905. She was ashore near Charlotte (Rochester) New York on 12 November 1906. She was caulked again in 1908. In August 1913 she was aground at Alexandria Bay New York. She ran aground on Main Duck Island near Kingston Ontario in 1915 (see listing for Montreal Transportation Co. tug EMERSON) and, along with the barge BURMA, stranded near Morrisburg Ontario on 29 June 1916. She was afloat on 15 July after that incident. On 9 August 1919 she was involved in an explosion at the government grain transfer elevator in Port Colborne Ontario (the Montreal Transportation Co. bulk carrier WINDSOR was also involved). QUEBEC (2) had 1 crew member killed. In total 11 were killed and 16 injured. She was declared a constructive total loss. Montreal Transportation Co. got $20,000 for her from the underwriters and then sold the wreck to John E. Russell Construction of Toronto in 1920. They had her rebuilt. On 20 February 1929, she was renamed LONDONDERRY. From 1929 to 1959 her owners were Sin-Mac. Her 1959-62 owner was McAllister Towing. In 1962-67 her owner was McAllister- Pyke Salvage and Towing. She was eventually scuttled off Amherst Island on Lake Ontario.

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