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Year Built 1830 Year Sank 1850

52 ft (15.8 m) Difficulty Level Intermediate


Wreck Location #

Visibility 10-15 feet with a strong current. No thermocline however the schooner is sitting on a hard silty clay bottom

~ GPS Shipwreck Location ~ Latitude:   44° 41′ 35.9988″ NLongitude:   75° 30′ 52.9992″ E

Description #

This wooden hull sits off Ogdensburg’s waterfront at about a 52 ft. depth with a noticeable current. Lying with the current the vessel is about 130 ft. x24 ft. x 8 ft. with some decking remaining however no rudder or “bow spirit”. Burnt to the waterline, it now sits about 8 ft. high on a firm clay/silt bottom. This site is about halfway between the site of the Rothesay and the Canadian Coast Guard Station directly in front of the large brick chimney on the Ogdensburg shore and south of the downstream channel.

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