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Photos: James Montanus

  • Tugboat
  • Snorkel
  • 76ft Lengths
  • Long Pond Channel
  • Lake Ontario

LAURA GRACE wooden tug (C 107171). 1918. 86 tons gross, 58 tons net, 76’. Launched at Collingwood Ontario on 3 June 1901. In 1914 she had a license for 100 passengers. Compound steeple engine (1890) from MARY ANN (87 tons gross), 16 rated horsepower.

This tug was built for the Pigeon River Lumber Co. of Port Arthur Ontario who almost immediately sold her to James Whalen’s Lake Superior Tug Co. Montreal Transportation Co. bought her from them for $24,500. She was lost on Grandview Beach near Charlotte (Rochester) New York on 6 December 1918. All nine men and a woman on board were saved.

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