LANCASTER river barge (C 71603). 1873-1899. 219.7 tons gross. 125.1’. Capacity 17,500 bushels. Built by Alexander Stickler (Streckler?) (the Canadian Heritage Ship Information Database said Stuhler) at Lancaster Ontario in 1873. No masts. Round stern. Built to the same basic plans as GLENGARRY, LORNE and ROYAL OAK. 1874 rated 1 out of a possible 3 and valued at $7,000. 1878 rated 2 and valued at $5,000. 1884 rated A2. 1897 rated B1, valued at $3,600 and required repairs.

LANCASTER was rebuilt in 1880-81 at a cost of $6,000 and “completely overhauled” at Portsmouth in 1884 including a new bottom and bilge cheeks, floor, ceiling, frames, and keelson. She was on the Kingston Ontario marine railway in June of 1886 and was repaired in 1894. She was in the Mercantile Navy List of 1904 as owned by Pierre Paul of Ste.-Anne-de-Sorel Quebec. He is also shown as her owner in 1907. It was reported that she was lost in Bayfield Sound of Georgian Bay in 1907. Her registry was not closed until 6 July 1915.

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