• Steamer
  • 20ffw
  • 400ft Length
  • 47 05′ 36″N 91 33′ 00″ W 

Chronological History

  • 1900, May 31 Launched.
  • 1900, Jul 5 Enrolled Cleveland, OH.
  • 1900, Jul 23 Owned Pittsburg Steamship Co., West Virginia.
  • 1905, Nov 28 Wrecked, Lake Superior.

Selection of News Articles for more #

The crews of the LAFAYETTE and barge MANILA reached here last night. The steamer, they say, had lost her bearings in the blinding snowstorm, that accompanied the great gale, and had just whistled her barge to anchor when she struck. The MANILA following on crashed into the steamer’s stern. The barge then sheered off, but not before four men from the steamer had jumped aboard. The MANILA swung broadside onto the shore under some overhanging trees. Though those the sailors climbed and ran to the assistance of their mates on the steamer. 
Patrick Wade of Buffalo, a fireman, was making a hazardous trip across a hawser when a sudden lurch of the steamer tightened the hawser and threw the unfortunate man high in the air. He fell into the surf and was seen no more. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      December 1, 1905 

      . . . . . 

      LAFAYETTE, Propeller of 5,113 gross tons, built 1900. U.S. No. 141657. Foundered November 28, 1905 at Encampment Island, Lake Superior. No Lives lost. Vessel a total loss. 
      Loss of American Vessels 
      1906, List of Merchant Vessels, U. S. A. 

      Her Machinery Will be Installed in Barge MANILA During the Winter. 
      Duluth, Sept. 1. — Shortly after 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, all that is left of the big steel steamer LAFAYETTE, which was wrecked on the north shore of lake Superior, near Two Harbors, in the great storm of November last, was towed into port by the steamer COLGATE and tug ZENITH. The part saved was the stern of the ship, which contains the machinery and boilers, and it formed one of the most unusual spectacles ever witnessed in the harbor as it was towed through the canal by the two boats. 
      When the wreckers got to work on the LAFAYETTE it was found that the forward part of the ship was a total wreck, and that all left of value was the machinery. Instead of taking this out piecemeal, a big bulkhead was built across the after part of the ship where it had broken in two. The section was then pumped out and floated. The machinery is still in good shape and will be placed in the steel barge MANILA, which will be converted into a steamer. 
      Of the fleet of six steel boats of the Pittsburg Steamship Company, which stranded on Lake Superior during the November storm, all have been saved but the EDENBORN, and half of the LAFAYETTE. The work of releasing the EDENBORN, is progressing favorably and it is believed the boat will be floated in a few days. The ships wrecked were the EDENBORN, CRESCENT CITY, MATAFA, LAFAYETTE, MADECIA and W.E. CORY, and all but the CORY were forced to remain all winter where the storm left them. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      September 1, 1906  

      MARINE NOTES. — The steamer LAFAYETTE has been sold by the Pittsburg Steamship Company for junk. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      August 4, 1908 
Steam screw LAFAYETTE. U. S. No. 141657. Of 5,113 tons gross; 3,827 tons net. Built Lorain, Ohio, 1900. Home port, Duluth, Minn. 454.0 x 50.0 x 28.5 Steel built. 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1901 

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