Site Description

  • Granite Wall
  • 70ffw 23m
  • Killbear Park
  • Lake Huron


Attractions: A very impressive granite wall. Starting at 10 feet, and dropping to 70 feet, this vertical slab of granite spans hundreds of meters. Starting at the southern tip of Harold’s Point, the wall is almost perfectly straight. There are occasional outcroppings, and slots in the wall. Many small bass and other fish can be seen.

Access: Shore. There is a 19 dollar entry fee per car for the park. Make your way down to the GPS pin point on this map, parking is near the beach. Once in the water, make sure you are at least 50 feet away from the cliff (to avoid cliff jumpers) and swim out parallel to the cliffs. Keep swimming parallel until the sand starts to slope down, at which point you have passed the cliff jumpers and can swim back towards the wall. Follow the wall around the point for as long as you please!

Visibility: 50+ feet. This is the same water as in Tobermory, so it is very clear. After a strong storm, the visibility can drop to 30 feet.

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