• Schooner
  • 10ffw
  • Quebec Head, Wolfe Island, St. Lawrence River
  • N44.13.59.2 W76.12.08.9

Dimensions: 89ft x 19.8ft x 7.9ft 115.36GT 107.91NT
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck: 33m East of Quebec Head, Wolfe Island
Place and Builder:   Smith Falls, ON – O’Meara 
Year Built: 1875
Mooring: No – Shore Dive.

J.W. Hall Great lakes Marine Scrapbook, October, 1883

On Saturday noon the schooner JULIA left port with 7,500 bushels of barley. The cargo was taken on at Gananoque, and belonged to Messrs. Richardson & Sons. Oswego was reached at 9 o’clock. While endeavoring to enter the harbor the schooner struck the middle pier and went down. The cargo is all under water. The grain was insured, and there was $3,000 on the vessel. George Richardson has gone to Oswego, and will have the craft raised. Captains say that Captain Courson was indiscreet in attempting to enter the harbor at night. The only safe entrance can be made in daylight. — Kingston Whig.      

Kingston Report Marine Record  Oct. 25, 1883 #

The Schooner JULIA, which was consigned by Richardson & Son to Oswego with 7,500 bushels of barley went down at the pier’s at that place in forty-five feet of water on Saturday night at nine o’clock. The vessel and cargo were insured in the Continental. The former is valued at $4,500, but she is only insured for $3,500, and the latter is insured for 70c per bushel. She is owned by Captain Courson and Timothy Hartnett. She struck the piers while entering the harbor, and went down. —

Port Huron Daily Times  Saturday, October 26, 1883 #

The Canadian schooner JULIA, bound from Gananoque to Oswego went down off the piers at Oswego after hitting them. The crew is safe and an attempt will be made to raise the ship.      

Ship Lists #

List of Vessels on the Registery Books of the Dominion of Canada, on December 31, 1886 #

Schooner JULIA. Official Canada No. 72559. Of 108 tons reg.
Built Smith’s Falls, Ont., 1875.
Home port, Kingston, Ont. 89.0 x 19.8 x 7.9.
Owned by T. Hartnett, of Kingston, Ont.      
(1875, Schooner)

From the Collection of: C. Patrick Labadie #

Year of Build: 1875
Official Number: 72559


Built at: Smith’s Falls, ONT
Vessel Type: Schooner
Hull Materials: Wood
Number of Decks: 1
Builder Name: O’Meara

POWER  Number of Masts: 2


Length: 89′
Beam: 19.8′
Depth: 7.9′
Tonnage (gross): 115
Tonnage (net): 108

1876 Owned T. Hartnett, Kingston, ONT
1877 Owned F. Hartnett, Kingston.
1879 Owned Timothy Hartnett, Kingston.
1883, Oct 26 Struck pier & sank, Oswego, NY, Lake Ontario; possibly raised and/or rebuilt.
1884, Nov 23 Aground Consecon, Lake Ontario.
1887, Nov 25 Sunk in a storm near Oswego, Lake Ontario.
1895, Feb 25 Burned Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario.

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