ex WILLIAM A. HASKELL wooden package freighter (C 138108 ex U 81025).

1917-1921. Original: 1,530.89 tons gross, 1,440.78 tons net, 242.66’ (between perpendiculars), 255’ (overall). Capacity 42,000 bushels of wheat = 1,250 tons. After 1917, Canadian measurements were; 1,845 tons gross, 1,070 net, 250.4’. Launched on 10 April 1884 by Detroit Dry Dock at Wyandotte Michigan. Yard #67. Diagonally strapped. Had two funnels aft and abreast. Fore & aft compound engine = 725 indicated horsepower, 800 rated horsepower. 1914-19 insurance rating = 90. 1917 value $85,000. 1918 value $74,375. 1919 value $65,875. 1920 value $60,934.37. HASKELL’s first owner was the Ogdensburg Transportation Co., the shipping arm of the Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad, which was, in turn, operated by the Central Vermont Railroad. The purpose of the shipping company was to bring western grain to Ogdensburg New York for eastward shipment by rail and to move manufactured goods and building stone west. Among other vessels, HASKELL was a running mate to WILLIAM J. AVERELL (later Montreal Transportation Co.’s OATLAND) and A. McVITTIE (also later owned by Montreal Transportation Co.).

HASKELL hit a rock in the St. Lawrence River on 10 December 1884. She was aground in Lake Erie on 15 September 1887. On 30 November 1889, she was ashore near Cape Vincent New York. Her bottom was caulked in 1893. In October 1896, she was ashore on Squaw Island in Lake Michigan. In 1899 her ownership was transferred to Rutland Transit (Rutland Railroad, later part of the New York Central system) when it took control of the Central Vermont Railroad. She was laid up about 1910 but returned to service and was repaired in 1911 and in 1913. The American Panama Canal legislation of 1915 forced the railways to sell their Great Lakes fleets. Her ownership was therefore transferred to the Great Lakes Transit Co. in 1916.

Later in 1916 she came to the Canadian registry under the ownership of the Lake & River Transportation Co. of Montreal (Canada Shipping Co. – Hackett managers) and was renamed. Lake & River Transp. was owned by Roy M. Wolvin who also had control of Montreal Transportation Co. at that point. She was lengthened 7’ by Cantin’s Dry Dock at Montreal. Montreal Transportation Co. bought Lake & River Transp. in 1917. Normally she took Canada Steamship Lines package freight upbound and Montreal Transportation Co. grain cargoes downbound. She was in a dry dock at Buffalo in September 1917. In October 1917 she was towing the Montreal Transportation Co. barge HAMILTON when the barge went ashore on the Point Peninsula. HASKELL was stranded near Kingston in October 1920. Her ownership was transferred to Canada Steamship Lines in 1921 as part of the final winding up of the MTCO fleet. She was a constructive total loss on 22 April 1922 after grounding near Little Round Island in St. Lawrence (near Clayton New York) on passage Port Colborne Ontario – Montreal with a cargo of corn. She was abandoned by the underwriters on 1 May 1922 then refloated by Russell of Toronto and repaired at Kingston Dry dock, Toronto Dry dock, and at Port Dalhousie Ontario.

JOYLAND was sold to Aube Steamship Co. of Montreal (Mapes and Ferdon managers) in 1922 and was converted to a sandsucker in 1924 for new owners Maitland Sand and Gravel Co. (Fox Island Gravel Co. of Detroit managers but was registered in Windsor Ontario). In 1925, her owner was listed as M.D. Nicholson of Goderich Ontario but the Canada List of Shipping

1927 still shows Maitland Sand and Gravel as owners. She went aground and was abandoned at Little Burnt Island Harbour on Manitoulin Island in 1926. She was not removed from the register until 1940.

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