• Schooner
  • 85ffw 30m
  • 200ft Length
  • 45 54.981 N 83.43.912 W

John B. Merrill. The John B. Merrill was a three-masted schooner built at Milwaukee in 1873. She measured 189 feet and was a fine example of classic sail- ing ships of her era. She was known for carrying a large cargo and fast sailing. In 1886, she defeated two other schooners in a race from Buffalo to Milwaukee. On October 14, 1893, she was carrying a load of coal in tow of the steamer F. E. Spinner. The boats encountered a violent storm and the steamer cut her tow loose. The captain of the Merrill tried to seek the safety of False Detour Passage but ran up on a shoal south of Drummond Island near the entrance to the DeTour Passage. She now lies broken in approximately 35 to 85 feet of water. Her scattered remains rest in an area about 100 feet by 200 feet. Although broken, her remnants still show the graceful lines that distinguished her. Her beautiful name board still adorns the stern wreckage. Divers can see many small artifacts like tools, ship’s hardware, and personal effects in addition to the capstan and windlass.

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