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First Registration Name: [ JAMES A. WALKER ] Location: [KINGSTON, ONTARIO, CANADA ] Registriation: [ 6/1887 ] Date Registered: [ 1887/11/11 ] Official Number: [ 92383 ] Original Building Information Built By: [ JOHN GASKIN, KINGSTON ONTARIO ] Built At: [ KINGSTON, ONTARIO, CANADA ] Date Built: [ 1887 ] Length: [ 105.60 ] Beam: [ 19.80 ] Depth: [ 9.60 ] Gross: [ 183.58 ] Net: [ 98.16 ] Vessel Description Deck: [ 1 ] Type: [ CARVEL ] Stern: [ROUND ] Gallery: [NONE ] Figure: [ NO ] Frame: [ WOOD ] Propulsion: [ STEAM SCREW ] Number of Masts: [ 1 ] Type of Rig: [ NONE ] First Engine Type of Engine: [ FORE AND AFT COMPOUND ] Number of Engines: [ONE ] Date Built: [ 1887 ] Built by: [THE CANADIAN LOCOMOTIVE AND ENGINE COMPANY KINGSTON, ONTARIO ] Horsepower: [ 150.00 ] Unit Horsepower: [COMBINED ] Closing Information Date Registration Closed: [ 1900/01/30 ] Date of Reason Closed: [1898/10/20 ] Reason Closed: [FOUNDERED ] Place Closed: [ LAKE ONTARIO, Remark: [THE OWNERS REPORT THE ENGINE HAS BEEN REMOVED AND THE HULL HAS BEEN CUT UP AND THAT THE VESSEL IS PRACTICALLY A TOTAL LOSS. ] Source of Data N.A.C., RG-42, C-2473, VOL. 233

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Registry and Rig Information Name WALKER, JAMES A. Registry CANADA

Official Number 92383 Rig Tug

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 105.50

Width 19.66

Depth 9.50 Gross Tonnage 184.00

Net Tonnage 98.00

Hull Material Wood

Vessel History

Disposition Sank 100 yards off Nicholson Island, Ontario, Lake Ontario, on October 22, 1898, with barges KILDONAN and HECTOR in tow. Both barges stranded on the island and one life was lost from HECTOR. Vessels were bound from Charlotte, NY, for Kingston, Ontario, with coal at the time of loss.

Build Information Builder Gaskin, John

Place Built Kingston, Ontario

Date Built 1887-00-00

Source HCGL

A Selection of News Articles #

Port Huron Daily Times Monday, April 4, 1887 #

A new tug, the JAMES A. WALKER, has been added to the Montreal Transportation co.’s fleet. She cost $3,000

The Marine Record Thurs. April 7, 1887 p.5        #

THE NEW CRAFT The Montreal Transportation Company has a new tug now building here for lake service, to be called the JAMES A. WALKER; estimated cost $30,000. She is expected to be the most powerful tug in Canada. She is to have a fore and aft compound engine, the first of the kind ever built in Kingston, and a steel boiler to carry 105 pounds of steam. Machinery and boiler are now being built at the locomotive works here. Those who admire a nice model and good workmanship should go down to the Company’s, foot of Queen Street and examine her. The wooden frame of this tug is strengthened by a steel keelson and steel straps outside the frame.

The Marine Record Thurs. July 28, 1887 p.5 #

Kingston.—The new tug now being built by the M. T. Company will be called the JAMES A. WALKER and will be launched next week. The craft is called after one of the first forwarders on the St. Lawrence River. Mr. Walker is now employed in the office of Hugh McLennan, Montreal.

Dept.of Marine & Fisheries Sessional Papers No.11 63 Victoria 1900  #

WALKER, JAMES A. Propeller Tug, of Kingston, while on a trip from Charlotte to Kingston, encountered a heavy gale on Lake Ontario, was swamped and sank off Nicholsons Island, Oct.22,1898. No lives lost       Report of the Chairman to the Steamboat Inspection Board, 1898 

Statement of Wreck & Casualty for 1898 Dept. of Marine & Fisheries  #

      WALKER, JAMES A. of 98 Tons Reg. a wooden steamer bound from Charlotte to Kingston, foundered 100 yards from Nicholsons Island, Lake Ontario, October 22, 1898. Registered at the Port of Kingston and eleven years old. a Total loss, however, no amount of property loss reported. 

    Statement of Wreck & Casualty for 1898 Dept.of Marine & Fisheries  #

Two Barges, undertow of the Tug WALKER, and cut adrift prior to her foundering, were the HECTOR and the KILDONAN, the latter went ashore on Nicholsons Island, and the HECTOR going aground on the mainland. Both were later released with little damage. 

      Marine Review June 1, 1899  #

The Donnelly Wrecking & Salvage Co., of Kingston, Ont., in a recent effort to locate the wreck of the tug WALKER near Nicholson’s Island, came upon the wreck of the steamer ZEALAND, which was lost about twenty years ago. 

Marine Record June 15, 1899  #

The tug WALKER, owned by the Montreal Transportation Company, foundered on Lake Ontario last fall in about 11 fathoms. The Donnelly Wrecking & Salvage Co., Kingston, used the schooner GRANTHAM as a pontoon, slung the Tug in chains and last week towed her to Kingston.      

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