J.J. CARROLL 224735

  • Fish Tug
  • 10ffw 3m
  • 60ft Length
  • Fish Point, Pelee Island
  • 41 43.547   82 40.261
    Loran: 43734.9   57033.6

The wreck is about 100 feet from shore and just even with the tree line on the east side of Fish Point.  Since she burned to the waterline, only a small section of her transom remains on the hull.  However, more of the hull may be buried in the sand bottom. 
A barrel-like object closed at one end, is probably part of her boiler.  To the east of this is a circular object about 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high.  Many pipes and metal parts litter this shallow site.  Between the effects of winter ice and salvage efforts, this site is largely a debris field running north and south.
Expect 8 to 10 feet of visibility.  In the late summer, this shallow site may be heavily covered in weedy marine growth.

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Loss Reported of American Vessels 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1930 [motor vessels] #

Oil screw J. J. CARROLL. U. S. No. 224735. Of 77 tons gross. Built 1925. On November 7, 1929, a vessel burned at Pelee Island, Ont., with 3 persons on board. No lives were lost.

Merchant vessel List, U. S., 1928 #

  Oil screw J. J. CARROLL. U. S. No. 224735. Of 77 tons gross; 68 tons net. Built Sandusky, Ohio, 1925. Home port, Sandusky, Ohio. 59.3 x 15.6 x 5.5 Freight service. The crew of 2. Of 100 indicated horsepower. Owned by United Fisheries Co. 

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