Jug Wreck

  • Schooner
  • 54ffw 16m
  • 110ft Length
  • Lorin OH, Lake Erie
  • 41 33.310     82 02.826

Chronological History #

  • 1848 Enrolled Buffalo, NY; ran Buffalo – Conneaut, OH & Erie, PA with lumber.
  • 1849, Sep 28 Aground Conneaut, OH, Lake Erie.
  • 1855, Oct 4 Sank, Lake Erie.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Morning Express 
      Jan. 11, 1856 (Casualty List) #

IVANHOE Schooner, cargo coal, collided with Schooner ARAB off Black River, L. E. The IVANHOE a total loss the ARAB slightly damaged. Property loss (both vessels) $7,600.  

Buffalo Daily Republic 
      Friday, October 5, 1855  #

Cleveland, Oct. 5. — (Telegraph by House Line) The schooner IVANHOE with 300 tons of coal, bound from Cleveland to Mackinaw, was run into and sunk last night by an unknown vessel. 
      The yawl with eight men, one boy and two women were picked up by the propeller OHIO and brought here this morning. 

Buffalo Daily Republic 
      Saturday, October 6, 1855  #

      The schooner ARAB, Capt. Grover, arrived this morning and reports having been run into by a vessel (probably the IVANHOE) soon after leaving Huron. Capt. Grover states that he was bound down, with an eight know breeze, having his starboard tacks aboard and showing a white light. Saw a schooner three points off his starboard bow; that the unknown vessel, instead of holding her course, kept away and struck him near the foremast on the starboard side, staving in his bulwarks and knocking a small hole in the ARAB’s hull, near the deck. The vessels then parted, but not until the unknown schooner had again struck the ARAB on her quarter. The night was dark and it was blowing quite fresh. Capt. Grover says he could not render any assistance, but saw the other vessel’s lights for some time after the collision. This occurred on Thursday night of this week. 

      COLLISION AND LOSS OF VESSEL AND CARGO. — The propeller OHIO, Capt. Kennedy, arrived this morning with the captain and crew of the schooner IVANHOE, of Buffalo. They were discovered in the yawl boat of the schooner about four miles west of Black River and five miles from the shore. The schooner left here last evening with a cargo of 278 tons of coal shipped by Tod, Rhodes & Co., to Mackinac. The captain, Dennis Galligan, reports that he was run down by a schooner, name unknown, about midnight, and that the crew and one female took to the yawl, apprehending the sinking of the IVANHOE. She sunk soon after. We cannot learn whether she was insured or not. Whether the cargo was insured or not, is a question of fact in dispute between the owners and underwriters, as we are informed. — Cleveland Plain dealer, 5th. 

LOCATION: Western Lake Erie off Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
LIES: Upright on a mud bottom. 
CONDITION: Amidships Intact, collapsed at bow stern.
DEPTH: 54′ [16m]
TYPE: Schooner
BUILT: 1848 at Irving, NY, USA.
LOST: Collision with the schooner Arab
DIMENSIONS: 110′ [33m] Length x 25′-9″ [8m] beam x 9′-3″ [3m]

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