Dimensions: 139ft 26ft x 12ft  
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck:
Place and Builder:    
Year Built: 1854

Toronto GLOBE November 8, 1865 #

Schooner INTERNATIONAL of Chicago, from Chicago for Kingston with 18,000 bushels of corn consigned to George Shaffey & Co, Kingston came ashore Sunday afternoon Nov. 5th. on Salmon Point Reef with her masts gone and the crew has gone also, she went to pieces Nov. 6th. She was commanded by Mark McGinn. Two of the crew and a woman cook were drowned, the Captain and five others were saved      

Cleveland herald 8th. Buffalo Daily Courier November 10, 1865 #

The schooner INTERNATIONAL, of Chicago, wrecked in the gale of the day before yesterday, went to pieces yesterday off Picton, C. W. Three persons were drowned, to wit; David Brodwick, residence unknown; Francis Scott, Kingston, and Mrs. Ellen Newcomb, Rochester.

Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters by Willis Metcalf #

Schooner INTERNATIONAL of Chicago, laden with corn for Kingston was caught in a gale and foundered near Salmon or Wicked Point, drowning three of her crew.      

Register of the Ships On The Lakes & River St. Lawrence, 1864 #

INTERNATIONAL, American schooner of 589 tons, built at Huron 1854 by Cherry, owned by Mark McGinne, and registered at the port of Chicago, classed as B, and valued at $7,000

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