Site Description #

  • Scuba Parkish
  • 40ffw 12m
  • Mud.Silty Bottom

Humber Bay Dive Site Project by Zefred Ansaldob & Erich Ortega #

Attractions: Many concrete pipes, training platforms, two small fiberglass shipwrecks, various mannequins, and plastic skeletons. Very good location for a night dive in the winter.

Access: Shore, parking across from Etobicoke Yacht Club, then a short walk to the beach on either side of the point. There are usually jugs marking where the line starts.

This is a very busy location during the summer months, Dive Stores from all over the GTA quickly fillup and uses this site early on weekend mornings, if you are planning a “quickie” early on Sat or Sun other places should be considered first.

Visibility: 50+ feet during the colder months, 5 to 10 feet during the summer. It is possible to have 50+ feet during the summer, but this is rare.

  • Pick up after yourselves and others if need be
  • Take only pictures, memories, and trash off the bottom
  • Many shore dive sites are busiest on weekends so plan ahead
  • Remember you’re the ambassador for the sport when approached by onlookers and locals. Paying attention and being polite can lead to other opportunities and locations.
  • Have fun and lots of it after all that’s why you are there just like underwater beware of others around you for both positive and negative experiences
  • If you’re the guy with the camera, video, or go pro, take a minute to show those outside your group what’s underneath.

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