• Propeller
  • 110ffw 35 , rumoured more at 150 50m
  • 110ft Length
  • Victoria Island, Lake Superior
  • N48o04.858 W89o21.765W

Steam screw HOWARD. U. S. No. 980. Of 195 tons gross. Built 1864. On June 13, 1921, vessel stranded on Victoria Isle, lake Ontario [sic], with 14 persons on bord. No lives were lost. 
      Loss Reported of American Vessels 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1922 

      Steam screw HOWARD.* U.S. No. 980. Of 195.48 tons gross; 97.74 tons net. Built 1864 at Wilmington, Del. Home port, Port Huron, Mich. 114.5 x 22.2 x 10.0 
* formerly steam screw [a] ADMIRAL D.D. PORTER [b] British steam screw HOWARD. 
      Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1890 

      ADMIRAL D.D. PORTER. Canadian Official Number 74376. Built 1864 at Wilmington, Del. ex U.S. until 1877. Burnt Port Huron Nov. 27, 1888. Rebuilt as U.S. HOWARD. Lost 1921. 
      Preliminary List of Canadian Merchant 
      Steamships, 1809 to 1930 

NOTE:– Victoria Island lies off the Ontario shore of lake Superior, behind Isle Royale. 

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