• Schooner
  • 30ft
  • 138ft length
  • Simcoe Island, Lake Ontario
  • 44 10.025 N76 32.255 W

U. S. Merchant vessel List, 1885 #

Schooner AMOSKEAG, U.S. No. 1123, of 268.49 tons gross; 255.07 tons net. Home port, Chicago, Ill. Changed name to HORACE TABER on April 17, 1883,       List of Vessels Whose Names Have been Changed under the Act of March 2, 1881      

Buffalo Evening News November 18, 1906 #

One Will be a Total loss – Only Shift of Wind Can Save Other From Destruction. Glen Haven, Nov. 17. — The schooner MARGARET DALL is high and dry on the beach at South Manitou Island and will be a total loss. The DALL was in the harbor, but the terrific east gale drove the vessel ashore against the holding of its anchors. The crew walked ashore in the sand from their stranded ship. The schooner HORACE TABER was also caught at its anchorage and is drifting on the beach not far from the DALL. Nothing can save the TABER except a shift of wind.      

Toronto Globe November 28, 1922 #

Kingston, Nov. 27. – The schooner MARY DARYAW, in charge of Captain Frank Daryaw, and the schooner HORACE TABER, in charge of Captain Henry Daryaw, brother of Frank Daryaw, which left Oswego at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, are both ashore at Four Mile Point after having got caught in a severe snow-storm last night while on their way to Kingston with coal.      

Toronto Globe November 30, 1922 #

The DARYAW is alright yet, but the TABER is breaking up, both crews escaped without mishap. The vessels each carried about 400 tons of coal. The TABER was bound for Kingston and the DARYAW for Collins Bay. Both vessels have been lying at Oswego waiting for favorable weather, the weather being improved they ventured out, but were overtaken by the storm.      

NOTE: the MARY A. DARYAW was formerly the American schooner KEWAUNEE, built at Port Huron in 1866
the HORACE L. TABER was formerly the American schooner AMOSKEAG, built at St. Clair in 1867. became Canadian 1911.

Schooner HORACE TABER.* U.S. No. 1123. Of 268.49 tons gross; 255,07 tons net. Built at St. Clair, Mich., in 1867. Home port, Chicago, Ill. 138.0 x 27.0 x 9.6       * Formerly schooner AMOSKEG.      

Merchant Vessel List US 1892 #

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