Artwork of Peter Rindlisbacher.

It is of the HMS ONTARIO off of Carleton Island.
HMS ONTARIO was built in 1780 on Carleton Island a major base on the St. Lawrence River for the British during the Revolutionary War, but now part of New York. She was operated by the Royal Navy for the Provincial Marine in the capacity of an armed transport.
At the time the HMS ONTARIO was the largest British warship to sail on the Great Lakes. She was launched just five months before she sank, and was used to ferry troops, supplies, and prisoners from one remote part of New York to another.
The Ontario sank in a storm on October 31, 1780, while underway from Fort Niagara to Oswego. It is estimated 130 men perished with the ship, 60 British soldiers. 40 Canadian crew members and possibly up to 30 American prisoners of war.
The shipwreck was discovered in 2008 by Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville and was found largely intact. The 80’s ship was located between Niagara and Rochester in 492 feet of water. It is the oldest shipwreck and the only intact British warship ever found in the Great Lakes

NOTES From the Collection of: C. Patrick Labadie #

ONTARIO, HMS (1779, Brig)
Year of Build: 1779 Official Number: BRITISH
Built at: Carleton Island, ONT
Vessel Type: Brig Hull Materials: Wood
POWER Number of Masts: 2
DIMENSIONS Length: 68′ Beam: 25′ Depth: 9′ Tonnage (old style): 231
Final Location: 4.5 miles Northeast of Oswego, New York, Lake Ontario
Date: 1 Nov 1780 Final Cargo: Soldiers, gold & silver
Notes: Foundered in blizzard/gale No two reports agree on details All hands lost, 172 to 350 men HISTORY

1780, November 1 Lost with all hands, off Oswego, New York, Lake Ontario

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