HMS HALDIMAND (aka North Bay Wreck)

North Bay Wreck Situated near the Underwater Dock

Site Description #

  • Snow (Schooner)
  • 10ffw 3m
  • 76ft Length
  • Carlton Island, NY
  • St Lawrence River

Chronological History #

  • 1770 Built to carry sixteen 4 pound guns.
  • 1783 Decommissioned
  • 1778 Master and Commander: James Andrews
  • 1785 Last mentioned.

C. Patrick Labadie File Listing

  • Year of Build: 1770 Official Number: BRITISH
  • Built at: Oswegatchie, NY (near present day Ogdensburg) Vessel Type: Other Note: Armed snow.
  • Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: British Navy
  • Original Owner and Location: British Navy, Lake Ontario Fleet
  • Number of Masts: 2 Propulsion
  • Notes:A snow is square rigged on fore & mainmasts; lateen rigged on the mizzen.
  • Length 67’, Beam 24.8’, Depth 8.8’, Tonnage (old style) 150

The HALDIMAND was a 150-ton snow (rhymes with cow) built at Oswegatichie (Ogdenburg) on the St. Lawrence River in 1771. A snow is a square-rigged vessel with two masts and a trysail-mast on the quarterdeck immediately behind the main mast. A “Return of His Majesty’s Armed Vessels” dated January 1, 1779 shows she had crew of 34 men and was armed with 16 four pounders. Her deck was 23.2 metres in length and she had a beam of 7.3 metres. The HALDIMAND main task was to transport troops, goods and provisions from Carleton Island to Niagara. She also carried private cargo for merchants at Niagara and Detroit, and Loyalist refugees and prisoners from Niagara to Carleton Island.

The wreck lies in privately owned North Bay, Carleton Island. No anchoring or disturbing of the bottom is allowed. In addition to the wreck, there are the remains of a large rock-filled pier also dating from the 18th century. The wreck is in shallow water with exposed keelson and frames. Also visible are the mast steps and the base of the stem and stern posts. Next to the wreck is a rock pile consisting of the ballast stones that were removed from the wreck in the 1970s. 

Side Scan, Daniel Gildea: HALDIMAND and Underwater Dock

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