• Freighter
  • 80ffw
  • 220ft Length
  • Brockville, St. Lawrence River
  • N44 31 590 W75 45 814

Dimensions: 219.16 x 35 x 13.16; 1265 GT – 694 NT
Type of Wreck: steel freighter
Location of Wreck: Brockville N44 31 590 W75 45 814
Place and Builder: Chantier de Normandie Grand Quevilly, France
Year Built: 1919
Mooring yes

Toronto Telegram November 21, 1941 #

Think Fireman Of Collier HENRY C. DARYAW, Trapped In Boiler Room. WENT ON SHOAL IN A FOG. Brockville, Nov. 21. -(Special) – Eighteen members of the collier HENRY C. DARYAW, were saved and a fireman, Robert Groteau, 29, of Montbello, Que., was believed drowned when the craft, a collier carrying 1,200 tons of coal, foundered in a fog on a shoal six miles west of here at 5:30 A. M., and rests on the bottom of the St. Lawrence River with only a portion of her bow sticking above the water 100 yards from shore.

Groteau was believed to have been trapped in the boiler room, and Provincial police have started operations in an effort to recover the body. The DARYAW was en-route from Sodus, N. Y., to Dalhousie, N. B., to enter the coastal trade for the winter. After she struck the shoal, the engine was reversed and the boat worked off the obstruction, but immediately filled and sank. She was in charge of Captain Hyacinth LaTraverse, Montreal. The crew jumped to the shoal and into the icy water. One lifeboat was salvaged from the collier and with this six men at a time were rowed ashore. When all, excepting Groteau, were ashore, they made their way to No. 2 Highway and hitch-hiked to Brockville.

The crew included H. Daryaw, son of the owner, and a craneman; Aurillen Labbe, First mate; Louis Labbe, LeClairville, Que.: Seraphine Traversy, Second mate: Lucien and Bruneoux Boisevert; Albert Blanchett: Arthur Traversy, Pierreville: Charles Cobb, Portsmouth: Rene Binis and Jene Gautier, Montebello: Vincent Pratt, Sidney, N. S.: Germain Robillard, cook: Nero Dufour, cook and Arthur Petit, Chief engineer, of Montreal: Harry Nee, Second engineer, and Joseph Garrah, Kingston.

The DARYAW was built at Grand Quevilly, France in 1919 and was brought to this country by the Tree Line Navigation Company about 30 years ago and renamed OAKBAY with the registry at Montreal. It was later purchased by the Daryaw’s and renamed. It is 219 feet long, a beam of 35 feet and of 1,265 tons.

List of Vessels on Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on the 31st. Day of December, 1933 #

Steam screw OAKBAY.* Official Canadian Number 150837. Of 1,265 gross tons; 694 tons reg. Built at Grand Quevilly, France, in 1919. Home port, Montreal, Que. Owned by the Oakbay Steamship Co., of Montreal, Que. 219.2 x 35.0 x 13.2 and 108 horse power. * Foreign name MARINER.

Preliminary List of Canadian Steamships Inland & Coastal, 1809 to 1930. #

HENRY C. DARYAW, a bulk freighter of 1265 gross tons. Canadian Registration No. 150837. Built Grand Quevilly, France in 1919 as MARINER, became OAKBAY in 1923. of 219′ length x 35′ breadth x 13′ depth of hold. Wrecked near Brockville, Ont. November 20, 1941.

Toronto Star November 21, 1941 #

Freighter HENRY C. DARYAW Had Been Loaned To British Shipping Ministry.
Brockville, Nov. 21. – One man is believed to have drowned when the lake freighter HENRY C. DARYAW sank in 300 feet of water near the Brockville Narrows early today. The missing man is Robert Groteau, 29, of Montebello, Que., a fireman who was trapped in the boiler room. Marine authorities at Kingston say the DARYAW, recently taken over by the British Shipping Ministry, was on her way to the Atlantic coast with a cargo of coal from Sodus, N. Y. Shortly after she reached the St. Lawrence River, a heavy fog made visibility almost nil and the skipper was forced to feel his way along the narrow stretch of water.

About 4 A. M. the vessel struck a shoal. The engines were reversed and the ship managed to free herself but sank almost immediately. All but one of the 19 man crew managed to reach the Canadian shore safely. The DARYAW was in command of Capt. H. Latraverse, of Montreal.

Some of the crew jumped on the shoal and others into the water. One lifeboat was salvaged from the collier and with this, six men at a time were rowed ashore. When all were ashore, with the exception of Groteau, they made their way to No. 2 highway and hitch-hiked to Brockville. Their circumstances of the wreck were related to the police, while the men dried their clothes and warmed themselves.

Captain Latraverse would not discuss the incident and ordered his crew to be silent. He had been master of the boat only two weeks. The ship is a total loss, Marine authorities say. Formerly the OAKBAY of the Tree Line Navigation Company, the DARYAW was purchased about three years ago by Henry C. Daryaw of Kingston. The ship along with two others was turned over to the British Shipping Ministry for Winter use in the coastal trade and was to be returned in the Spring.

Among those on board were Henry Daryaw, Kingston, son of the owner; Charles Cobb, Portsmouth; Harry Pettit and Joseph Garrah, both of Kingston.

The HENRY C. DARYAW was built at Grand Quevilly, France, in 1919, was brought to this country about 20 years ago, and renamed the OAKBAY, purchased by Daryaw it was renamed again.

Statement of Wreck & Casualties for 1941. Dept. of Transport #

November 21, 1941 the HENRY C. DARYAW, registered at the port of Montreal, struck the Buoy Shoal in the St. Lawrence River, five miles west of Brockville. She was of 694 tons register. Canadian Reg. No. 150837.

Milestones #

Vessel Name MARINIER 
Nationality FRANCE Official Number 
Dimensions and TonnageVessel Length:216.42 feet.Gross Tonnage:1146.00 Vessel Width:33.25 feet net Tonnage:606.00 Vessel Depth:13.16 feet
Hull Material:
Steel Masts: 
Hull Number:00065 
Vessel History
Builder Chantier de Normandie     Grand Quevilly, France    1919   France 1919- 1922 FRANCE  Oakbay Steamship Co., Ltd. (Bay Line Steamships, Ltd., Mgrs.) Montreal,  P.Q.  Canada 
1922- 1924 CANADA 150837 Oakbay Steamship Co., Ltd. (Tree Line Navigation Co., Ltd., Mgrs.) Montreal,  P.Q.  Canada 
1924- 1935 CANADA 150837 Henry Daryaw Kingston,  Ont.  Canada 
1935- 1941 CANADA 150837  OAKBAY 
1922- 1935 CANADA 150837 DARYAW, HENRY C. 
1935- 1941 CANADA 150837 
Rebuilds Canadian measures, 1922 (219.16 x 35 x 13.16; 1265 gross – 694 registered).
Stranded on Buoy Shoal, St. Lawrence River, six miles west of Brockville, Ontario, and slid off into deep water, November 21, 1941; one life lost. Bound for Dalhousie, New Brunswick, with a cargo of coal at the time of loss.
Location of the wreck at Buoy Shoal #21, 5 miles west of Brockville. (in 1972) N 44 degrees, 31 minutes, 34 seconds W 75 degrees, 45 minutes, 45 seconds
Wreck lies upside down in about 80 feet of water with 45 feet over the wreck, hull has a gash on her starboard side extending almost a third of her length. Hull was supported at one end on the shoal and the other end on shore with deep water below her.

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