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Inland Lloyds Vessel Classification American Hulls, 1882 #

Schooner HATTIE HUTT. Of 295 tons. Built at Saugatuck in 1873 by J. Martel. Owned by Louis Hutt. Home port, Chicago. Value $9,500. Class A 2. REMARKS. — Formerly F.B. STOCKBRIDGE.      

The Marine Review January 21, 1892 #

Schooner F.B. STOCKBRIDGE. Of 295 tons Built at Saugatuck in 1873 by Martel. Owned by F.B. Stockbridge. Home port, Grand Rapids. Value $ 13,000. Class A 2.      

Board of Lake Underwriters Lake Vessel Register, 1877 #

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 21.- A single transfer of vessel property was recorded at the Milwaukee custom office last week, the schooner HATTIE HUTT, by Lewis Hutt, of Chicago, to Ole Hansen, of Manitowoc, for $4,500. The HUTT measures 252 net tons and rates A2.      

Schooner F.B. STOCKBRIDGE. U.S. No. 12001, of 265.87 gross tons; 252.58 tons net. Home port, Chicago, Ill. Changed name to HATTIE HUTT on December 28, 1881.      

List of Vessels Whose Names Have been changed under the Act of March 2, 1881       #

U. S. Merchant vessel List, 1885 Chicago

Several minor mishaps resulted from the squall that swept across the lake on Saturday night. The HATTIE HUTT sprang a leak, and the BLAZING STAR had some of her sails badly split.

The Marine Record Thurs. June 23, 1887 #

Herman Runge List #

The BLAZING STAR had left port with a cargo of grain and was obliged to return and get a new canvas.
p. Schooner F.B. STOCKBRIDGE.* U. S. No. 120117. Of 290 gross tons. Built Saugatuck, Mi., 1873. * Renamed HATTIE HUTT – U. S. – 1881       HATTIE HUTT – Canada – 1908 [C 112190 ]      

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