• Steam Barge
  • 20ffw
  • 141ft Length
  • Button Bay, Wolfe Island, St. Lawrence River
  • N44 08 524 W76 21 971

Normally dove from the US side due to location. There is a small boat launch on the Canadian Side on Wolfe Island near Hornes Ferry.

Chronological History #

1899 – Owned Mills Transportation Company, Port Huron, Michigan
1901 – New boiler, 6′ x 14′, 90 pounds steam, by Fitzgibbons Boiler Works, Oswego, New York
1906 – April 11 owned Harvey J. Kendall, et.al., Marysville, Michigan
1913 – Rebuilt
1917 – April 18 Owned River Transportation Company, Ogdensburg, New York
1918 – April 25 Owned Hall Coal Corporation, Ogdensburg
1923 – April 11 Owned George Hall Corporation, Ogdensburg
1929 – August 26 Owned August R. Hinckley, Oswego, New York
1930 – December Damaged by ice, sank at Cardinal, Ontario
1931 – Raised, taken to Cape Vincent, New York
1931 – September 3 Owned Olen G. Snyder, Fulton, New York
1931 – Drifted from where beached in Button Bay, Cape Vincent to Perch Cove & sank in 15 feet of water
1932 -Abandoned
1933 – June 30 Documents surrendered, Ogdensburg, “Out of commission, on bottom of Saint Lawrence River”

A Selection of Related Articles #

Port Huron Daily Times Tuesday, April 19, 1892, #

The new steam barge built by Mills will be named the HARVEY J. KENDALL. She is built entirely for the lumber trade.      

Port Huron Daily Times Friday, April 22, 1892 #

The steambarge which was built at the Holland yard, Marine City during the past winter for Mills & Co. of Marysville, was successfully launched this week. Her dimensions are 141 feet keel, 30.8 feet beam, 9 feet depth of hold. She has steel floors 12 x 7/8ths inch between each alternate frame, also steel arch running from rudder post to fore foot with four steel straps on each side forward and aft. She has three 12 x 12 keelsons with four 10 x 12 on top and a steel strap in the shape of an arch running from engine to forefoot. Her deck beams have 26′ centers with strong-back unbder each beam. This is one of the strongest built boats ever turned out of this port and is a credit to her builder as well as the owners.      

Merchant Vessels List, U.S., 1894 #

Steam Screw HARVEY J. KENDALL. U.S. No. 96166. Of 398.80 gross tons; 264.01 tons net. Built at Marine City, Mich., in 1892. Homeport, Port Huron, Mich. 141.7 x 30.9 x 9.2  

Video of the HARVEY J. KENDALL

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