Only small parts remain Major Components on display
AJ693 North American Harvard Mk. II NA-76 76-3663

first date: 25 August 1941 – Taken on strength by No. 1 Training Command

Equipped with Dunlop pneumatic firing gear. Used by No. 31 Service Flying Training School at Kingston, Ontario. Category C7 damage at Kingston at 21:00 on 20 October 1941, and again at 20:50 on 25 November 1941 when the aircraft taxied into a stationary refueling tanker. To Noorduyn Aviation for repairs on 26 November 1942. Back to No. 1 Training Command, in storage, on 4 March 1943. Issued from storage on 1 June 1943. Aircraft lost into Lake Ontario 24 January 1944. Wreckage recovered from the lake by Don Nightengale in 1983. Aircraft restored and mounted on a pole at Kingston, Ontario airport (CYGK), in wartime markings.
last date: 31 January 1944 – Struck off

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