This is the hull of the sand dredge HARLOW, built-in 1891 as the steam barge PRESTON, official no. 150357. The PRESTON ran hard aground on Harsens Island in 1896 and had to be pulled off by the BROCKWAY. Five years later, on June 29, 1901, the PRESTON took on water and nearly sunk on Lake Superior. Most of the crew was rescued by using a rocket line to escape to the passenger steamer ATHABASCA, but one crew member did not make it and drowned. The cargo of lumber prevented the boat from sinking completely, and it was recovered and repaired. After the sinking, the captain and owner, William Jenks Harlow, renamed his boat HARLOW, after himself. In 1913, it was converted into a self-unloader sandsucker. It was scrapped in 1926, but the hull was towed here and sunk by a local man named Mr. Sears to create a break wall for his property, not far from the spot where it ran aground 30 years before. Some of the islands and cuts in the area were named for the Sears family. The wreck is located on the edge of the Middle Channel, behind the green #13 buoy, by the Chene Highway. When the water is low, the wreck is emergent and easy to spot if you are looking for it. If diving off of a small boat, it is easiest to anchor in the shallows behind the wreck. It has a big 4-bladed propeller, with one blade broken off. 

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