BUTLER, HANNAH (1857, Schooner) IDENTIFICATION Year of Build: 1857 Official Number: 80957 CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Cobourg, ONT Vessel Type: Schooner Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: Taylor & Delaney Original Owner and Location: Wm. Ostrander, et al., Cobourg, ONT. POWER Number of Masts: 2 DIMENSIONS Tonnage (old style): 148 FINAL DISPOSITION Final Location: Salmon Pt. Reef.
Lake Ontario. Date: 26 Nov 1887 How: Wrecked. Notes: Struck reef in fog, broke up in later storm. Bound Wellington, ONT for Oswego. HISTORY

1857, Dec 18 Registered Picton, ONT.

1864 Repaired.

1866 Owned J. Proctor, Hamilton, ONT.

1873, May Rebuilt Cobourg, ONT; owned D. Rooney, McDermott, et al.

1878 89.4 x 20 x 18.1′; 126 net tons.

1880, Nov Broke from moorings & drifted ashore.

1880, 81, & 86 major repairs.

1885, Nov Ashore at South Bay, ONT; recovered 1 week later.

1886, Apr 26 Registered at Picton ONT; owned VanVlack, Ostrander & O’Hagan.

1887, Nov 26 Sunk at Salmon Pt. Reef

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