Also known as FRONTENAC; JEX, H.N. LAWRENCE (1868, Propeller)
Year of Build: 1868
Official Number: 15450
Built at: Cleveland, OH
Vessel Type: Propeller
Note: Passenger & package freight.
Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 2 Builder Name:vIra Lafreniere
Original Owner and Location: Northern Transportation Co., Ogdensburg, NY.
Number of Masts: 1 Propulsion: Screw Engine Type: High Pressure (including HPNC) # Cylinders: 1
# Boilers: 1
Propulsion Notes:
26″ x 36″ engine by Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Co., Cleveland, OH; Herreshoff engine, 385hp, 95rpm. 8′ x 18′ firebox boiler by Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Co, 67# steam.
Length: 135.5′ Beam: 25.8′ Depth: 11′ Tonnage (gross): 447.37 Tonnage (net): 334
Final Location:
15 mi. off Long Point. Lake Ontario.
Date: 16 Aug 1921
How: Foundered. Locals on Canadian Side report a Fire on the same Night on the Lake. -DP Collection
Final Cargo: 550 tons of coal.
Foundered in a storm; crew rescued by propeller LEHIGH.
Steam screw FRONTENAC.* U.S. No. 15450. Of 626 tons gross; 479 tons net. Built at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1868. Homeport, Chicago, Ill. 169.4 X 26.5 X 10.3 and 475 Indicated horsepower, a crew of 17. *Formerly steam screw LAWRENCE.
Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1902

Steam screw H.N. JEX .* U.S. No. 15450. Of 420 tons gross; 301 tons net. Built at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1868. Homeport, Toledo, Ohio. 169.4 X 26.5 X 10.3 and a crew of 5. Freight service.
*Formerly steam screw [a] LAWRENCE, [b] FRONTENAC.
Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1911

Steam screw LAWRENCE.* U.S. No. 15450. Of 420 tons gross. Built Cleveland, O.,1868. 169.4 X 26.5 X 10.3.
* Renamed FRONTENAC – U. S. –
H.N. JEX – U. S. – 1909
H.N. JEX – Canada – 1915 [C 137982 ]
Herman Runge List

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