Mark’s GTA Shore Dives & More

Shore dives are located within driving distance of the Greater Toronto Area, Shotline’s Mark Turezki is the Shore dive Co-ordinator, which doesn’t mean you can’t invite him out on boats. Hint Hint, Have information to Submit, Corrected, or added, Send us a Note/Invite to dive or just say hey!

  • Crowe River
  • Miner’s Bay Truck
  • Bala Falls 
  • Burleigh Falls
  • Ella Ross
  • Burleigh Wall
  • Gull River
  • Crystal Lake RC3 Seabee
  • Parry Sound Salt Docks
  • Netherby Drift
  • Frenchman’s Creek Drift
  • Navy Hall
  • Shanty Bay
  • Midland Coal Docks
  • Asylum Point 
  • Ontario Place Beach
  • Minet’s Point
  • Instinct Park 

If your favorite or local dive is not here, let us know. #

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