Dimensions: 140ft x 26ft x 12ft 346 GT 325 NT  
Type of Wreck: Schooner then steam barge
Location of Wreck: Salmon Point
Place and Builder:    
Year Built: 1873

Dept. of Marine & Fisheries Statement of Wreck & Casualty, 1913 #

GRANTHAN, Can. Reg. No. 75,641 registered at the port of St. Catharines, a wooden steam barge of 525 tons reg. stranded on the outside of Salmon Point July of 1913, she was then 40 years old and her loss which was total amounted to $IO,OOO. her Master was J. Donnelly at the time      

Dominion of Canada Vessel Registry 1887 #

GRANTHAM, Can. Reg. No. 75,641 of 325 tons register, built-in 1875 at Port Robinson, a schooner owned by Ira A. Breck of Garden Island and registered at the port of St. Catharines 140 x 23.7 x II.?      

from CANVAS & STEAM ON QUINTE WATERS’ by Willis Metcalfe #

The GRANTHAM is still registered as a schooner in 1906 “The steam barge GRANTHAM of the Donnelly Wrecking Company of Kingston, foundered on July 6, 1913, near Salmon Point, Prince Edward County, while giving aid to the coal-laden steamer AMES”

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