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  • Steam Yacht
  • 40ffw 13m
  • Eagle Wing Shoal, St. Lawrence River
  • 44° 14.955′ N 76° 6.240′ W

Steam Yacht Grand View sunk in 1901 off the Eagle Wing Shoal in front of Clayton, NY.

The wreck is the remains of a turn of the century steam launch about 40 feet long. Located near the head of Governors Island in the Eagle Wing Group, the wreck is well outside the navigation channel. The boat was salvaged after it wrecked on the shoal. The motor and prop were removed during this salvage operations.


The Grand View was a steam launch that was owned and operated by John A. Cook. The Grand View transported passengers from the Clayton Train Station to hotels and locations in and around the Thousand Islands. One of its main stops was Grand View Park on Wellesley Island.

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