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  • Barge
  • 70ffw 19m
  • Pennsylvania Harbor, Lake Erie
  • 42 22.289 80 20.922

Chronological History #

GLM 507 was owned by John “Dooner” Misner and is commonly known as Dooner’s Barge.  The stern portion of the barge rests on a mud bottom in 70 feet of water.  Some of her cargo is scattered about the remains of the barge.  

Official #: Former US# 291051
Lies: broken and scattered                     Depth:7 0 feet
Type: steel barge                                   Cargo: 1600 tons of pig iron
Power: towed
Owner(s) Great Lakes Marine Contracting, Ltd. of Port Dover, Ontario
Built: 1963 at Mobile, Alabama
Dimensions: 240’  x  50’  x  11’           Tonnage: 1,100 gross and net
Date of Loss: Wednesday, November 18, 1981
Cause of Loss: foundered

The bow rests in 165’ of water close to Long Point

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